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Warranty Information

  1. 1. Obtaining a Copy of Your Warranty
  2. If you have misplaced your Warranty or have not received a copy of it, simply call the Home Office on (888) 986-6342 or the Storm Restoration Specialist who worked with you to and we will be sure to get it to you ASAP.

  3. 2. Commencing a Warranty Claim
  4. In the event of your needing to file a Warranty Claim, please contact the Home Office on (888) 986-6342 FREE or the Storm Restoration Specialist who worked with you and we will send out a representative to evaluate your concern and resolve the issue.

  5. 3. Your Materials Warranty
  6. The manufacturer of your roofing materials provides a warranty that is in keeping with the year quality of your roof. A 20 year Shingle has a 20 year warranty, and a 30 year shingle has a 30 year warranty etc.

  7. 4. When do I get my Warranty
  8. As soon as we have received full payment for the work we have done your Warranty will be sent to you in the mail. It will be dated from the day we completed the build.


Omega Contracting LLC will handle all types of roofing jobs and repairs with 24-Hour Emergency Service availability.

  • roof repair

    Residential and Commercial ROOFING

    Omega Contracting LLC can attend to roofing repairs in your home or your business.

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  • duct repair

    Roofing, Siding and GUTTERS

    We are the preferred provider to insurance companies when fixing roofing, sliding and gutters after a natural disaster.

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  • repair man

    View More SERVICES

    Learn more about our maintenance program and other roofing related services at Omega Contracting LLC.

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