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roof repairWhile millions of feet of gutters are installed every year, very little consumer information is available to the average home owner. That is why your Omega Storm Restoration Specialist is specifically trained to provide our home owners with the knowledge and training they need to make an informed decisions when replacing or repairing their gutter system.

The correct gutter system effectively controls the flow of rainwater from your roofing system to the ground in such a way as to prevents water damage to your roofing substrate, the infrastructure of your home and your foundation as well as prevent incidental erosion. A failed guttering system (e.g. the incorrect system, a damaged system or a clogged system) will not only fail to function correctly, but will potentially incur significant and costly damage to your home including black mold, ice buildup, wood rot and a broad array of microscopic diseases.

Your Storm Restoration Specialist will help you understand the different type of Gutter systems available to you, as well as discuss the various accessories, their function and suitability for your home. Ask them about Rainwater harvesting and what to do to minimize ice damming. Contrary to popular understanding, gutters do not cause ice damming (they occur on homes without gutters as well). Rather, poor insulation and ventilation is the primary culprit.


  • $3 – $5 per foot (region dependant)
  • Colorfast- color is built into the gutter
  • Wont chip, dent or corrode
  • Thinner products can become brittle
  • Lightweight – simple installation
  • Service life of 15-20 years


  • $4 – $8 per foot (region dependant)
  • Strongest gutter in its class
  • Requires ongoing maintenance
  • Susceptible to rust
  • Service life of 20-30 years


  • $6 – $10 per foot (region dependant)
  • Will not rust
  • Installed seamless or segmented
  • Can dent or scratch
  • Factory colored – no need to paint


  • $15 per sq./ft. and up
  • Attractive and durable
  • Painting
  • Oxidizes over many years
  • Service life of 50+ years

Installation of your Gutter Systems

Moisture can devastate your home, but the correct guttering system can effectively and efficiently direct water away from your home and protect it from water damage.

At Omega Contracting LLC we specialize in installing the system you need at a price you can afford to protect what for most of us is the most valuable possession we own (your home).

  • On-site production for seamless gutters
  • Attention to detail protecting your home
  • Evaluate effectiveness of current design
  • Slope gutter runs bi-directionally if needed (40ft or longer runs)
  • Removal of old guttering system


Omega Contracting LLC will handle all types of roofing jobs and repairs with 24-Hour Emergency Service availability.

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    We are the preferred provider to insurance companies when fixing roofing, sliding and gutters after a natural disaster.

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